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the struggle is real

Chronic Illness

We know how hard chronic illness can be. The endless doctors appointments, uncertainty and frustration make life difficult. SD101 hopes our community and resources will ease your stress and illness!


Advocacy plays a huge role in doctors appointments and access issues. Handlers and the public alike can play a vital role in advocacy, and we aim to help ease the burden of advocacy!


At the root of advocacy is the education efforts of the chronically ill and disabled. Service dog handlers find themselves educating on the laws, ableism, etiquette and proper handling. SD101 seeks to make education easier!


You’ve gotten your furball of joy and are excited to raise them, but potty training, basic obedience and puppy antics are driving you crazy! We get it! We offer resources for tips and tricks and the emotional support you’ll need!

Training Regressions

Dog training is so many things: exciting, boring, frustrating, easy and difficult all at once. SD101 hopes you’ll feel comfortable sharing your successes and struggles, and find comfort in others working with similar issues!

Career Shifts

From changing task lists and diagnoses, to dogs washing and retiring, career changes can be daunting for handler and dog. We hope that we can offer resources to ease any transitions you or your dog face!

The New way to Gear

We know how hard it is to find those pieces of gear that you go to again and again. You want the piece to feel good for you, and the dog, while looking aesthetically pleasing and balanced. We’ve taken the confusion out of gear: no more struggling with fit, sizing, design and feel. 

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